I Didn’t Winnnnn bahhh
Hehe but very happy to have the privilege to Exhibit with all the other amazing Artists that got into the South Perth Emerging Artist Awards 2009. Its still open till the 22nd of November and its a mixture of some amazing artists of all kinds of Medium.


Post Boxes Australia


I’ve had my work on display at the award winning Maya Indian Restaurant & Rush Me clothing store in Fremantle for the last 3 weeks. They just look awesome on the big red walls at Maya and perfectly place for street viewing at Rushme. It’s great for having new people see your work 🙂

Gurps & Rushme Bagga the owners are happy the lend there wall spaces to emerging artists so if your interested in Exhibiting the too contact them at http://www.mayarestaurant.com.au/contact.asp

RushMe Clothing Store

RushMe Clothing Store

Artwork on display @ Maya Restaurant

Artwork on display @ Maya Restaurant

Something About Nothing

What am I up too.

I’m scouting for financial help. Applied for a grant last friday but don’t think I was prepared enough to get it (my dreams are way too high sometimes). Its the most nerve wrecking thing for me writing a grant cos I sit down, dream about all the possibilities I’ll have if I receive it and then I hand it in and chew my nails off for 2 months. (I’ve only attacked one finger so far.)

Either way my plan over at the moment is shoot on my weekends to cover enough pictures for the Australian Art of Travel series, plus save money to hire a computer so I can finish the photoshop work of Switzerland Art of Travel.

I also want to meet more gallery owners. Get further advice on my direction.

Oh and Here’s a list of useful Arts Groups/Sites I’ve been exploring 🙂 (just a bit of Info Sharing)

www.Propel.org.au – Massive props to there Amplifier Course
www.artgallery.wa.gov.au – Sign up to get there latest updates 🙂
www.pica.org.au -Perths Contemporary Gallery.

I got given a booklet in Austria by an Wall Instrument Sculpture Artist from America who I can’t remember the name of (I have a funky picture of us with top notch glasses on though).

With Wall sculpture Artist

With Wall sculpture Artist

This booklet was made out of a Post card of Wien. She described it to be a note book, cook book or whatever book.
I’ve never been much of a diary writer (recapping on my day seemed so backwards) but I started to scribble random thoughts and notes into this Booklet. And made another one myself once the first was full. Its turned out to be a fantastic micro diary, and bit of a twitter micro blog in a book, and the best thing about having it made out of a post card is when you’re travelling and you update it, it shows a story of where you’ve been. Much better then writing in a post card and sending it off to never be seen again.

Perfect For Micro Diary on Travels

Perfect For Micro Diary on Travels

Below is some instructions on how to make one.

1: Buy a Post Card

2: Find some scrape blank paper. (You know the paper the printer pops out with one useless line on it.)

3: Cut the paper up into rectangles to fit nicely into the Post Card. 5-6 pieces of paper are enough. Fold paper in half with post card surrounding it.

4: Find a needle and thread.

5: Sew the paper through the middle  to the postcard to create a booklet.

6: Bobs your uncle. Your finished. Start Writing in it or Drawing or using as emergency tee pee paper

Inside of Twitter Booklet

Inside of Twitter Booklet

Hey There,
Just updating some more Photo Awards & Competitions I’m running into.
I’ve also found the following two sites helpful for writing Artist Bios and Statements. I’m just so awkward when it comes to writing about myself and this information really helped to work through it 🙂
PH.Art Gallery
All year round photo compeitions

Photo Enter
Weekly photo competitions

Shoot Experience
Monthly photographic competitions
http://www.shootexperience.com/PIX Digital Imaging Contest

Monash Art Gallery
August 7th   09

Pix Digital Contest
Aug 21st 09

World in Focus
Aug 24th  09

Aesthetica Magazine
31st Aug 09
UK   based

Ultimate Music Moment
Sept 8th  09

Travel Photographer of the year
22nd September  09

The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards
27th Sept  09
Small Spaces, Big Creations competition
2nd Oct   09

Sony World Photography Awards
Dec 4th  09

October Exhibition Submit

Infinity Art Gallery
Online Art Gallery

Art Event Productions
Career support for artists

After a 34hr flight complimented with a 10hr delay. I made it home in time to set up my exhibition (with the help of my fantastic parents) and attended the launch feeling excited and dazed with jet lag (Can’t believe I lasted til 2pm).
Thanks to everyone that attended and all the lovely comments.

The Exhibition is staying up at Little Creatures till 17th August 09, so you still have time to check it out if you haven’t already.
All prints are for sale and if you are interested in collecting any please contact me at:

Exhibition Wall at Little Creatures

Exhibition Wall at Little Creatures

Exhibition Invite

Everyone is Invited to my First Solo Exhibition. That’s right You!
6th July – 17th August :: Little Creatures Brewery :: 40 Mews St, Fremantle

InviteFlyer Side1Invite Flyer Side 2