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The name of this exhibition isn’t my cocky intention to state I am representing the ‘all in all’ of the art in travel. I actually have no idea how to name this series but I wasn’t quiet into the ‘Untitled series’ form of titling yet. ‘The Art of Travel’ is actually a very inspiring and influential book and dvd by Alain De Botton, that I read while studying last year. It’s a must read/watch/laugh if you’re ever confused about traveling and/or why to do it. When watching it I realized that what I was photographing on my travels was not the holiday snaps, or one shot wonders but my own desire to explore something other than my known. Learn about a place by its atmosphere, signs and symbols. Which is explained beautifully by Alain De Botton. I’ve title this series in homage to his book.
I’ve linked it below if you would like to know more.
The Art of Travel


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