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Hi, Wow, always great to come to an absolute blank on your first ever Blog. Especially when it’s on yourself. ummmm Well I intend to use this blog for discussing thoughts on books, artworks and general jibber jabber on whats it all about. Then I’ll do the hokey pokey and I’ll turn around cosss That’s what its all about. According to Jimoen anyway. My main passions in life is Art and Photography. I am an emerging artist with my first Solo Exhibition coming up on 22nd June 2009 (How Fecken Exciting 🙂 ).  The work I’ll be displaying is a visual photographic study on the Travellers Gaze. The work is influenced by the strategies that photographers Berna & Hilla Becher’s use of photographing many elements that are the same but showing how each and every one is uniquely different, then combining all these photographs in a structured college to exemplify that unity and variety. I use this technique to explore what a travellers gaze is really enlightened by when travelling, for example, when you get off an air plane and walk into an airport, that place of the airport could be any where in the world, but you’ll look up and around for the signs of difference, exotic and/or otherness which will spark the excitement we enjoy in travelling, these signs could be simply the unrecognisable writing on a sign, or the sounds of unfamiliar accents.

The elements of India that I have photographed for exploring are Auto Rickshaws (Front, Side, & Back), Doors, Windows, Signs, Gates, traffic, buildings, post boxes and shop boxes for now. The images consist of over 280 different photos of these elements from all around India. I wish to entice the viewer to explore the differences and similarities in the colleges, which will create a familiarity with the environment of India and reenact the sense of travel in a gallery or in my case a space in a very funky and popular Brewery 🙂  The images are large in size, over 1m x 1m and accompanied by a large magnifying glass which will be used to heighten the sense of exploring and observing the images. So that is something about me and my art. Please don’t hesitated to comment 🙂 x


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