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I gave myself 6 weeks to print and prepare for my exhibition and this is how it went.

First priority was to have all my collages finalized and ready for printing. Since I work with such large images I needed a much faster computer than my lovely imac. So I hired a wizz bang 8gb ram PC from Abacus computers and tied myself to my chair for three weeks for some quality Photoshop and coffee time. Eventually the work was done for all but three images, which don’t fit in the exhibition space anyways so I prioritized to complete them at a later date. I was happy very happy with my 9 completed works through and after a weekend off I rushed them to the printers first thing Monday morning.

Working with the printers was easy. I went to Fitzgeralds Photo Lab and the talent printer named PJ or PK, always get confused if he’s pyjamas or gum?. But either way he took control of the project and listen to every inquiry I had.

It took just over a week to print my images and I spent the time writing the press releases, listing publications to send the press releases too, sending out the press releases, when on a giant search for extremely large magnifying glasses, found extremely large magnifying glasses, brought framing material, started my framing, brain stormed with my amazing friend Kerri, wrote sale letters, wrote sale contracts, designed certificates of Authenticity, printed my artist CV, wrote a summary of the project for exhibition display, and proofing plus printing my essay about the exhibition. Pheww! Back to the Lab.

Wow. I when back to the lab to view the printed images and it was like 100 surprises at once. I have dreamed about seeing these images printed at large for soo long and there they were. It was my most memorable experience this year. Once I had viewed and ticked them off they were sent for laminating. I decided to laminate to exhibition prints as its cheaper than framing with glass and peoples sticky fingers are probably going to be all over them after the exhibition. The sold (fingers crossed it’ll be a sell out hehe) prints will be reprinted without laminate though as the colours and contrast look a whole lot better without laminate.

Lamination took another week and I spend this time finishing the frames. And now its all together ready to be hung on the 6th of July 2009 at Little Creatures Fremantle. Which I’m sure is going to be my next most memorable day of the year 🙂

Planned Exhibition Layout

Planned Exhibition Layout


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